Life is a Circle

Courtney Bradley and Cheri

Focus for Life

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Mind Over Matter

Rudolf Harst

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Let me Heart Stay Open

Rudolf Harst

If you don't want to sing the entire song, the important words to sing contain the positive "I" statements.

​      These songs can be used as a for recovery. It is well know that saying positive affirmations help us change the negative tapes that often play in our head. These songs have positive affirmations within the song. By singing the song, with or without the CD, you begin changing negative thoughts into positive ones. When singing the song, think about how the song may pertain to your life. You are you and no one else can be you. Upi are essemtoa; tp ;ofe amd tje imoverse. a;though sometimesit may not feel like it. ONce you can change how you think about yourself, you can start succeeding in life and feeling better about yourself.

     Many people feel silly saying good things about themselves our loud; however, if the good things are recoded on a song, then you do not feel as silly singing them outloud.

      Listen to words of the songs you listen to most often. What are they saying? Is it positive? Does it life you up? By watching what we sya, sing and do, we gegin to idenify those thins that reinforce the old tapes. Consider looking for songs in the genre you like that are positive and inspire you to succeed in your recovery. Barriers are only bariers if you allow them to be. Remember the person who thold you "you will never (fill in the blank)." As long as you accepted what they said as true, this became a barrier for you. Because you are here, you know there are things that you have done that people said you would never do. Challenge the barrier that keep you from having the life you want to have. Change your words and thoughts to posiive "I Can!"  statements. You can recover because RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!


Shoulda, Coulda Woulda

Rudolf Harst

Celebrate Life

Music by Doug Fesler

​Lyrics by Janet Paleo

I will never be alone

Music and Lyrics by Kristi Nabors

Positively ME!  Song Book Live 2007

Broken Wings

Courtney Bradley

Glory Bound

Courtney Bradley and Cheri

Can't Do it Better


Positively Me!

Lyrics by Janet Paleo

Music by Marjorie Dodd Anderson

Before I knew what I could do
I was so scared of all that life showed me
I believed it when they said I was broken
Positively shut down in this life that God gave to me.

Now I believe in me
I believe in my abilities.
I am in charge of my destiny.
I am positive about me.
I am positively me!

I used to do what others aid
I'd bow my head, not say a word.
I'd shy from anger, run from hurt,
Positively loss in this life God gave to me. 
I spent so many nights wondering why I breathe
Thought life was better in make believe
I'd bite my tongue and turn away.
Positively hopeless in this life God gave to me. 


Rules of the Game


I can Do This

Lyrics and Music by Deryl Dodd

Peace is a Choice

Rudolf Harst


Courtney Bradley


c 2007 Doug Fesler

Take a Hand

Lyrics and Music by

Marjorie Dodd Anderson