Focus for Life

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

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What is Focus for Life?

Focus for Life Program: A Life Program developed by and for Peers with lived experience

‚ÄčA Prevention of Relapse and Promotion of Wellness Program

Learning how to love Life and Laugh again!


Wow, what an experience. I passed along to my bosses that I have never experienced anything like your class. It was healing and transformational! Thank you for the gift you gave. It is a gift that will keep on giving."

"I can't  thank you &  Anna enough for focus for life. You gave me (others) a renewed  joy & excitement in helping others  recover! I have a renewed sense of purpose, direction real gratitude for having mental illness. I'm empowered knowing my illness can be/is a catalyst.. God bless you both!"

"Your certificate should say "License to Live". Thank you!"

"This is one of the best training's I have ever been to in my life! And I have been to a lot of training's. I truly feel empowered and proud to be who I am." 

I hope to change in my life as a result of this training to "stand in my declaration and to keep looking forward"

"One of the most powerful trainings I have ever experienced" 

"As a result of this training, my life has already changed because of the increase of self-love and self-respect the training has imbued me with." 

"The facilitators kept the training interesting and applicable to "real life". I cannot adequately say with words the degree of value and richness I have received from Focus for Life!" 

"Thank you for helping me gain focus on my life!" 

"I hope to keep the knowledge close to my heart that I am strong, competent and capable, resilient and worthwhile and that my knowing that will help me help others know the same about themselves." 

"The "moderators" of this seminar were capable, instructive, open and honest, helpful, encouraging, entertaining and caring. I would trust my life (and even my beloved cat!) to their care. Thank you all!" 

"[I] became a person who will be more active (action)!!!" 

"Meat and bones, I choose instead of I tried, declaration, teamwork( community), Foundation (Purpose) and decisions, DVD with affirmations, commitment, empowerment, resiliency, happiness and recovery. These are all very powerful tools which will help me focus on life a whole lot. Thank you so much for this excellent training and experience." 

"I thank you for re-opening my eyes on my focus for life. This training has given me the tools, strength, focus, knowledge, motivation, hope, and skills that I need to continue forward." 

"For the first time in a long time, I feel I am more than a diagnosis."