Focus for Life

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Focus for Life
3 Day Agenda

Day 1
Training Goals
Overview of Focus for Life/trainer’s personal stories
Where does life stop us
Identifying Stress and the effects of stress (eustress/distress)
Tenets of Focus for Life (salutogenesis)
Introduction Meat and Bones
Meat and Bone Practice
Wrap up and assignments

Day 2
Review Assignments
What is Real?
Be the Change you want to see in the world
Personal Power through Personal Responsibility
Making Choices (minimizing cognitive dissonance)
Identifying Core Values
Identifying the power of language, using new Language
How the Brain Works, brain plasticity
Begin Personal Mission Statement

Day 3
Review assignment
Resource game, you have everything you need
Achieving Health, Calm and Happiness

You are not an island – interdependency/gratitude exercise

The Formula for Life
Personal Mission Statement
Power of Declaration
Acknowledgements, Certificates and Closing