Who We Are

​​PRO International is a company, owned, driven, and operated by people with the lived experience of mental health issues, designed to assist individuals and organizations in training, communication, and advocacy. We are a training and consulting company and utilize a variety of mediums to find what works best for you.


All of our services can be provided bilingually, English/Spanish. Call and visit with us about your needs so we can help you maximize the potential of your group and/or agency. 

About PRO International

Our Philosophy

PRO International continues to chronicle the leaders of the consumer/survivor/ex-patient/user movement for posterity. Only by chronicling our movement and remembering where we have been and where we are going, do we begin to form a cohesive movement forward. We must remember what others have done to fight for dignity and respect for all people so that we can truly appreciate where we are today.

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P ositive
R einforced
O utlook   

Key fields we provide expertise in are:

  • Rights education
  • Self-advocacy tools
  •  Informational/educational videos, brochures, workbooks, and brochures.
  •  Facilitate leadership development,
  • Consensus building, and
  •  Group training using interactive adult learning techniques
    • Focus for Life
    •  Intentional Facilitation
    • Recovery 101